How the film industry has evolved

How the film industry has evolved

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1890s The Birth of Cinema

Following the invention of the first motion capture cameras, production companies soon emerged to exploit this new technology and the public’s fascination with the moving image. The first ‘cinemas’ were really just temporary spaces set-up in store-fronts or side attractions at fairs. The first films were usually about 1…

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Nespresso: caffeine highs and lows

New on The Prodigal Guide: Why @Nespresso is the master of both the caffeine high and the caffeine low. Here’s why.

It appears the Nespresso experience can rapidly oscillate between the highs of your brew’s numerical intensity – and its surefire appeal to our macho trigger – and the lows of their infuriating lifestyle pomp.

It took many years of consuming other people’s coffee capsules, delivered with ferocious and accusatory stares (the Fool knows..), before we took the plunge and bought our own coffee maker.…

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